I have recently been accepted into the Design Impact at Stanford and am interested in getting involved with the Product Realization Lab. For the past 5 years, I have been working as a Mechanical Engineer and Prototype Software Developer at a product design consultancy called Design Concepts.

My experience ranges from conceptualization and prototyping through to high volume injection molding, but regardless of where I am along this spectrum, a large part of my process involves building physical things to understand problems and people. It is essential for me to build and make in order to iterate and explore my ideas. As excited as I am to share my technical skills from hours in the shop, I am interested in this role for the opportunity to help empower other students to grow their prototype and fabrication skills to augment their process as engineers, designers, and problem solvers.

Below is a bit about my fabrication experience but feel free to look around the rest of my portfolio as well to get a broader sense for my capabilities. Unfortunately, much of my professional work is still confidential, but feel free to

Fabrication Experience & Facilities

Though I have picked up a lot of my knowledge from colleagues and collaborators, my formal shop training is primarily attributed to the following resources:

  1. UW Madison Engineering Shop // During my undergraduate I was formally trained on the full extent of the machine shop, including extensive hand tools, milling, turning, welding and basic hand coded CNC milling.

  2. UW Madison Art Department Wood Shop // Additionally during my undergraduate, I had the opportunity to take coursework in the Art Department taking furniture design courses. I was taught a number of wood working techniques and ultimately, took a position as a shop monitor overseeing the shop and helping students with their projects.

  3. School of Visual Philosophy // In the interest of gaining exposure to TIG welding, I took an overview course at the SoVP which helped me refine and learn new skills in various types of welding.

Here are a collection of the various shops that I have worked in, been a member at, or had instruction through.


Though the most compelling examples of my use of fabrication to augment my process lie in my professional work because of it’s confidential nature, I cannot show it here. That being said, the handful of personal projects shown below do a reasonable job capturing the breadth of my prototyping skills.

(Click on an image to view the project for more details)