Stirling Engine // 

The first project is a Stirling engine built for ME 601: Prototype and Design. The assignment was to first build the engine using the provided plans and then make modifications to improve upon the design. This gave me an opportunity to utilize laser cutting, CNC milling, and precision manufacturing. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew and couldn't get it quite right by the deadline...

Playground Slide for People with Disabilities //

The second project was a prototype for my senior design class. Partnered with the Stoughton Dream Park, our team of four designed a concept for a slide for their all-inclusive playground that would provide equal experiences for those with physical disabilities. The track was designed with CAD and cut out of MDF using a CNC router. Our idea was to create a two cart reciprocating system, where the weight of the child riding down on one cart, pulled the second cart back up to the top for the next rider.