OBJECTIVE //  Very loosely inspired by Mr. Roy Lichtenstein but more so generally by various pointillism techniques, I finally got around to trying out a laser cutting dot pattern technique that I have been wanted to experiment with for awhile. I wrote a very short snippet of code that took an image (in the case, of famous rock climber Alex Honnold) and translated the image into a series of circles based on the brightness of the pixel at their center point. The dot pattern was then sliced into panels and each panel was saved as a PDF. Unfortunately, because the driver software for our laser cutter is less than supreme, trying to cut all the dots in one go likely would make it crash, but I was pretty happy with the look of the panels (laser cutting guides on the backing board made the spray mounting process pretty painless and pretty clean looking). Each panel took 2-3 mintues to cut so it was a bit tedious with 54 total, but fortunately the contrast turned out well enough to hopefully recognize the face.


……………(1) LASERS!!

……………(2) Foam core (sans chlorine…)

……………(3) Black matte board

……………(4) Spray Mount



import processing.pdf.*;

PImage img; // Initial image
boolean recordPDF;

void setup(){
size(600, 900, P2D);

img = loadImage(“Honnold.png”); // Load the image

// Set up the window
//image(img, 0, 0, 600, 900); // Display the image
recordPDF = true;

int spacing = 40;
for(int row = 1; row <= img.height/500; row++){
for(int col = 1; col <= img.width/500; col++){
if (recordPDF) {
String fileName = “output – Row ” + Integer.toString(row) + ” – Col ” + Integer.toString(col) + “.pdf”;
beginRecord(PDF, fileName);
stroke(255, 0 , 0);
rect((col-1)*100, (row-1)*100, 100+spacing/10, 100+spacing/10);

stroke(0); // Set the stroke to black

for(int x = 500*(col-1); x < 500*col; x+= spacing){
for(int y = 500*(row-1); y < 500*row; y+= spacing){

float diameter = map(brightness(img.get(x,y)), 255, 0, 0, spacing/5-2);
ellipse((x + spacing/2)/5, (y+ spacing/2)/5, diameter, diameter);


if (recordPDF) {
//recordPDF = false;