OBJECTIVE // While working on a client project at Design Concepts, I needed to take a couple timelapse videos and because of how long they were going to take, it only made sense for them be be running concurrently. I looked around a bit for existing software options, but had a hard time finding anything that could do exactly what I needed, so I decided to code it up myself!

LANGUAGE //  Processing

OUTCOME //After a day or so of searching around for the proper libraries and piecing together some code, I had a working app that took captures from four different webcams concurrently at a rate that I could set, and then stored them to the predetermined folders. This way, I was able to capture 4 items all from my computer.

The program was very raw and not user friendly, but it is a perfect example of why Processing is a valuable too. It is quick and easy to prototype an idea or create a custom program with all the variability that you would like. I was very excited by the fact that I was able to craft the exact tool I needed to get the job done and save myself a dozen hours performing the tests back to back instead of concurrently.