After validating the technique for rendering images with the pre-processor I wrote, I wanted to try and make a full color image. Using the principles behind standard CMYK printing, I thought I might be able to produce the same effect by running each channel through my program.

Following in the tradition of image processing testing, I took the suggestion of Chris Meyer over at Sector 67 and used the classic test image of Lena Soderberg. In Photoshop, I converted the image into CMYK and then separated each channel out into a new image file. I ran each of these files through the pre-processor program and produced GCode files for each color.

Using clear, polyester sheets of plastic, I drew each of the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black layers on its own sheet with a sharpie of its respective color. When the Hangbot was done, I overlaid the drawings to produce a full CMYK drawing seen above.

Though there is still plenty of room for improvement with finding the appropriate balance with the layer intensity, it was an effective proof-of-principle for now.