The best description I can give of myself is ‘Work in Progress’.

Ever since I was young, I have always been a tinkerer and contraption builder, spending my time playing with legos and making booby-traps for unsuspecting family members. As I grew older, my love of creating things melded with a passion for the arts. As I engineered things on a daily basis, I began to consider the aesthetics of my inventions. Functionality ceased to be sufficient criteria for my designs and I have since sought to incorporate a simplicity and elegance in my finished products.

Unable to fit art classes into my high school schedule, I took advantage of the art program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison when selecting my coursework. I have since completed Drawing I, Drawing II, Woodworking, and Advanced Woodworking alongside my mechanical engineering curriculum. It is this interdisciplinary coursework that eventually resulted in my research into physical methods of rendering information and data streams, thereby being named a Frontier Fellow by the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery.

To me, art and science are about exploration; a search to find significance in the things or people around us and how they interact and function in this world. I hope to be able to continue these two passions of mine and to pursue a future where I can be both an engineer and an artist.